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Why Us?

We understand our clients on an interpersonal level and facilitate matches that create exponential benefits for both parties. We understand that every opportunity is unique. We evaluate each position according to company culture, management style, and the future direction of the business. By drawing on our 40+ years of recruiting experience, we deliver candidates that translate into positive results for your company.

We Respect
Your Time

We won't send you 10 resumes per week. We will provide you a select few candidates to meet your functional, behavioral, and cultural specifications. In turn, it will save you significant time and frustration.

We Are Culture Champions

We have helped build companies from the ground up, person-by-person for a combined 40 years. We understand that "experience" is only one dimension of what makes a great candidate.

Discernment & 

Discernment is our strength. We value long term partnerships, not quick transactions. If we don't deliver quality work to you, then we don't get the privilege of a long term relationship.

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